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The importance of a good Feed Reader

Trying to keep up with a bunch of blogs and website can be a real hassle. Especially if there are important ones you really want to read (like family blogs) and can’t always remember the website. That’s where a Feed Reader comes in handy. I use Google Reader because it’s just that good. It’s free … Continue reading

Home screen

Sometimes, with new technology comes the ability to get more things done, more quickly. The only danger is that you become so obsessed with the speed of things that you don’t ever stop and unplug. It’s traffic to see a couple at a nice restaurant sitting silently as one or both of them use their … Continue reading

ESV Online

ESV Bible Reading Plans. If you haven’t heard, Crossway, the publisher of the English Standard Version of the Bible, has published the entire thing online. It’s free to use and they offer many great tools, like this link to many different reading plans. They not only offer a link to todays passages to read but … Continue reading

Remember The Milk

I have decided to start writing about the tools I use everyday that help make me productive. The best part about most of these tools is, they’re free!  What Gmail did to email, Remember the Milk has done for Tasks. I’m a church administrator, which means I support everything the church does. I focus on … Continue reading

Social Media

My friend, Aaron Marshall, just did a presentation at Southern Seminary about the use of social media. Of course, it was tailored to ministry because it was at Seminary, but the idea definitely spans across all walks of life.  The biggest thing I took from what he said is it is not about self-promoting, but … Continue reading