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Backpacking in West Virginia: Day 0

We left Louisville right after church to head toward the Monongahela National Forest to meet Stephanie’s Dad for some backpacking. ¬†Of course I had a few responsibilities to take care of before hitting the backcountry. It was pretty awesome to be able to do a bunch of work on my laptop while Stephanie started the … Continue reading


Stephanie made me some sweet wool socks. She’s taken up knitting and crochet. These socks are awesome and keep my feet nice and warm when it’s freezing outside. I’m a lucky man.

Grillin & Chillin

Tonight, I grilled some tuna steaks and sea scallops for dinner. It wasn’t a feat to grill amazing seafood, though that is awesome. It was special because it was 17 degrees outside when I was grilling. Yes, it was cold. No, I did not loose anything to frostbite. Thanks for asking. I’ve included some pictures … Continue reading

Long Days…

I just finished a 14 hour day. It was pretty long. But because I know that it is all for a purpose and there is a bigger vision than what we had to do today, it made it bearable. What made it fun? Well, that’s my favorite part. Stephanie was with me the whole way. … Continue reading

How I got “fire-balled” in the face…

Last night I wanted to get dinner started before Dan got home and we were having something on the grill. So, I went outside to start the grill. Like normal, I turned on the gas first, then the the knobby-things and pushed the clicky red button. That didn’t work. It just clicked instead of igniting. … Continue reading