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Print out your Reading Plan

In the past I’ve talked about Bible Reading Plans. These are really helpful ways to read through the Bible through the year. There are all sorts of plans that give you all sorts of options. But the most important part is that you are reading the Bible. The generous people at Crossway have made many … Continue reading

Scratch & Sniff

We put petunias in the hanging baskets on our front porch. They not only look nice and their leggy nature works well in a hanging basket, but they smell wonderful! Because of the miracle of modern technology, I’ve been able to include this scratch ‘n sniff picture of one of the petunias.       … Continue reading

A Whole New Lawn

I’ve been struggling with my lawncare. I have enjoyed gardening with Stephanie, but for some reason, I’ve been drawn to the turf. We have a lawn service that cuts the lawns of our entire subdivision. I’ve very thankful that they cut all of my neighbor’s yards, because I don’t think the majority of them would … Continue reading

The Garden

We finished off our garden today. It was pretty exciting. We put in a bunch of plants and finished off a few little things we were waiting to do, like repaint the fence. I’ve taken pictures of all of the plants and named them. Hopefully, I’ll take pictures later on in the season so you … Continue reading

Morning Routine

Nothing beats a good morning routine to help you get started. Mine starts here: I purchased an ESV Study Bible for the free online version that comes with every print version. I have found that this online version comes in very handy. I did not think, however, that I would ever use the print version. It’s huge. … Continue reading

Bored at the Office

Stephanie and I are currently doing the one-car dance while the jeep is in the shop. Today, I am spending about 13 hours at the office with Lucy. We’re not complaining… we’re getting lots of work done. However, we got a little stir crazy. It’s crazy cold (for Louisville) outside so we’re not playing fetch … Continue reading

New Years Resolutions

I’ve been slacking off. Ever since I got into Twitter, I have completely fallen off of the blogging waggon. I don’t think Twitter will ever kill off the personal blog. They’re way too different. This year, I hope to become a more active blogger. One of my resolutions is to actually take pictures with my … Continue reading

Google Reader

Google Reader is an amazing tool that keeps me up to date and informed. I use to follow a bunch of different news sources, development resources, and of course, my closest friends’ blogs. One of my favorite things about it is the ability to check it out on my computer, iphone, or anywhere else in … Continue reading

Early morning vacuuming.

So I decided to get up early today and vacuum. It’s 7:15 and I’m 1/3 done vacuuming the downstairs. Actually, I’m not the one vacuuming – my new iRobot is. It’s simply amazing. This dinner plate sized robot turns itself on and will roll around downstairs vacuuming the house. Once it finishes, it will return … Continue reading

Backpacking in Cades Cove, Tennessee – Day 3

From Backpacking in the Smokies – Day 3 It’s the perfect time of year to hear acorns falling every 8 seconds. Strange how these large acorns falling against the leaves can sound like bear footprints when you are in a tent and it is pitch black. This morning we cooked on a great campfire. We’re … Continue reading