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Lucy and Nolan

It’s Christmas with the Bucks this year. As a surprise, my brother-in-law Graham and his wife, Becky, joined us in Louisville. Nolan, their 10-month-old son, joined us. It was the first time I met him. We’re best friends now. Lucy has also been really happy to meet Nolan. They’re quite a couple. They do love … Continue reading

Bored at the Office

Stephanie and I are currently doing the one-car dance while the jeep is in the shop. Today, I am spending about 13 hours at the office with Lucy. We’re not complaining… we’re getting lots of work done. However, we got a little stir crazy. It’s crazy cold (for Louisville) outside so we’re not playing fetch … Continue reading


How can people not like dogs? They’re awesome! They go hiking with you. They go to the office with you. They get REALLY excited when you come home. And they never complain or say the wrong thing. They never complain when we go out and she has to stay at home all day with nothing … Continue reading