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Breakfast with Great Men

This morning I’m having breakfast with two great men; Mark Coleman and Craig Shuff. They’re on staff at my parent’s church in Davie, Florida. Mark is the pastor and Craig is the administrator. At yesterday’s Baptist 21 panel discussion, we had a chance to catch up and talk for a few minutes before returning to … Continue reading

Going Green

We read about rain barrels in the past and thought it would be a great idea for our garden. It’s essentially a large barrel that you attach to your gutters and will hold the rainwater that would otherwise flood your yard and seep into the ground while it isĀ over-saturated. Then, you can use the water … Continue reading

A Fall Breakfast

On our recent trip to Jamaica, Steph read a book about eating local foods. Though the author took the philosophy a bit far, they had some really good points. The one I like the best is eating what is in season because it is the freshest and tastiest at its peak. This also creates seasonal … Continue reading

Picking Pumpkins at Huber’s Family Farm

We went to Huber’s Family Farm in Starlight, IN today with a bunch of friends from our community group. It was great. We picked a pumpkin for our fall decorations as well as picked 2 more for baking. We could not have asked for better weather either. It was amazing. I’ve included a couple of … Continue reading

Love Louisville

Love Louisville is the latest campaign at my church. We’re posting all kinds of things about Louisville that we love about our great city. Check out this latest post by our friend, Elizabeth Yeiser, about Old Louisville. The Yeisers, by the way, are the people who got me interested in local everything.

A farmers market breakfast.

We go to the local farmers market on Saturday mornings to get some of the best food around. Then we come home and have a breakfast fit for a king. This morning we has free-range rainbow eggs, thick sliced homemade toast, and snow St. Jerome cheese. It was so good!