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The importance of a good Feed Reader

Trying to keep up with a bunch of blogs and website can be a real hassle. Especially if there are important ones you really want to read (like family blogs) and can’t always remember the website. That’s where a Feed Reader comes in handy. I use Google Reader because it’s just that good. It’s free … Continue reading

Backpacking in West Virginia: Day 0

We left Louisville right after church to head toward the Monongahela National Forest to meet Stephanie’s Dad for some backpacking. ¬†Of course I had a few responsibilities to take care of before hitting the backcountry. It was pretty awesome to be able to do a bunch of work on my laptop while Stephanie started the … Continue reading

Home screen

Sometimes, with new technology comes the ability to get more things done, more quickly. The only danger is that you become so obsessed with the speed of things that you don’t ever stop and unplug. It’s traffic to see a couple at a nice restaurant sitting silently as one or both of them use their … Continue reading