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Scratch & Sniff

We put petunias in the hanging baskets on our front porch. They not only look nice and their leggy nature works well in a hanging basket, but they smell wonderful! Because of the miracle of modern technology, I’ve been able to include this scratch ‘n sniff picture of one of the petunias.       … Continue reading

The Garden

We finished off our garden today. It was pretty exciting. We put in a bunch of plants and finished off a few little things we were waiting to do, like repaint the fence. I’ve taken pictures of all of the plants and named them. Hopefully, I’ll take pictures later on in the season so you … Continue reading

Going Green

We read about rain barrels in the past and thought it would be a great idea for our garden. It’s essentially a large barrel that you attach to your gutters and will hold the rainwater that would otherwise flood your yard and seep into the ground while it is over-saturated. Then, you can use the water … Continue reading


So we love gardening. A lot. Here’s a picture of a perfect tulip in our back yard.