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Sometimes it’s hard to describe your love for someone. Next time you try, maybe this video will help you out. Advertisements

Unemployment Rate Video

If you haven’t heard any of the recent talk about the Nation’s unemployment rates and such “wonderful” news, you need to pay more attention. I’m not interested in getting into political debates, but I did find this video hilarious. Enjoy the humor. This video is from the MintLife blog, which I would highly recommend. 2009 … Continue reading

Scratch & Sniff

We put petunias in the hanging baskets on our front porch. They not only look nice and their leggy nature works well in a hanging basket, but they smell wonderful! Because of the miracle of modern technology, I’ve been able to include this scratch ‘n sniff picture of one of the petunias.       … Continue reading

Valum anyone?

I took my friend Emil to the Hospital a while ago to get an MRI. They prescribed him some Valum to relax. I asked if he would share. He said no. But, after 20 mg, he was good to go. And happy. I should add that after 5 mg, people usually get really loopy. That’s … Continue reading

How I got “fire-balled” in the face…

Last night I wanted to get dinner started before Dan got home and we were having something on the grill. So, I went outside to start the grill. Like normal, I turned on the gas first, then the the knobby-things and pushed the clicky red button. That didn’t work. It just clicked instead of igniting. … Continue reading

What was he doing?

I was in the men’s locker room about to work out and I heard a strange noise. A blow dryer. I hear that noise often as my wife uses one to dry her hair after a shower, but it was a foreign noise to the men’s locker room. When I walked around the corner I … Continue reading