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Happy New Year!

We brought in the New Year with a bunch of friends. It was an awesome time. We laughed a lot. It seems the older I get, the faster I want to go home after the clock strikes 12. I am happy to report that I did not fall asleep before midnight this year. Advertisements

Unemployment Rate Video

If you haven’t heard any of the recent talk about the Nation’s unemployment rates and such “wonderful” news, you need to pay more attention. I’m not interested in getting into political debates, but I did find this video hilarious. Enjoy the humor. This video is from the MintLife blog, which I would highly recommend. 2009 … Continue reading

Halloween Party 2009

We have a halloween party as a tradition in our Kentucky Home. It’s the 5th party this year, and it was awesome. There weren’t as many people as there were last year, but let’s blame that on the economy. Here’s Jeff and his wife Kristin. Jeff’s a professional photographer, among other things, so thanks to … Continue reading

Scratch & Sniff

We put petunias in the hanging baskets on our front porch. They not only look nice and their leggy nature works well in a hanging basket, but they smell wonderful! Because of the miracle of modern technology, I’ve been able to include this scratch ‘n sniff picture of one of the petunias.       … Continue reading

The Sombrero

Last night we went to El Tarasco, a great mexican place, for Jeremy’s birthday. It was a surprise to him, but since he doesn’t like surprises, his fiance Lauren told him about it before they got in the car. Jeremy isn’t a fan of surprises or being put on the spot. So when he saw … Continue reading

Bored at the Office

Stephanie and I are currently doing the one-car dance while the jeep is in the shop. Today, I am spending about 13 hours at the office with Lucy. We’re not complaining… we’re getting lots of work done. However, we got a little stir crazy. It’s crazy cold (for Louisville) outside so we’re not playing fetch … Continue reading

The Snow Beast

If you haven’t heard, I purchased a Jeep Wranger in September. I was, and still am, a HUGE fan of this jeep. It’s been a childhood dream of mine to own a jeep. Last year I purchased an ’84 Jeep CJ-7 to fix up.  Here’s a picture. Maybe I was overly-ambitious. I’ll let you decide. … Continue reading

Cuban Coffee

We recently visited south Florida to see family over the holidays. While I was there, I had breakfast with a friend at the Empanada Factory, which I highly recommend. The food was amazing and the coffee addicting. Ever since that breakfast, I have been craving more cuban coffee. For those of you who haven’t had … Continue reading

New Years Resolutions

I’ve been slacking off. Ever since I got into Twitter, I have completely fallen off of the blogging waggon. I don’t think Twitter will ever kill off the personal blog. They’re way too different. This year, I hope to become a more active blogger. One of my resolutions is to actually take pictures with my … Continue reading

I win!

I have the cutest niece and nephew alive. Sorry to all of you who read this and were under the illusion that you have the cutest kids alive. Wait a minute, only two people read this blog. Sorry mom and dad… you do have the cutest kid alive. But if I was not included in … Continue reading


While in the Smokies, we saw a bear. It was the end of the first day and I loved it. Our hearts instantly raced as soon as we noticed the bear but it was over too quickly to react in any way. It was really cool to be able to see a bear out there … Continue reading

Mountain Biking

I’ve recently become a big fan of mountain biking. I bought a mountain bike in college and rode it my last two years there. Then, I moved to Louisville and only got to ride it two times in three years. The problem was I didn’t have anyone else to ride with and I didn’t know … Continue reading

Little League

I went to a friend’s little league game tonight. It was a lot of fun. I’m not sure if I went because I can’t go to my nephew’s games because he lives 1,000 miles away, or if I went because I really do enjoy the Hofmeisters that much. Probably both. Since when did little league … Continue reading

Camera Phone

I have been lucky enough to be the perpetual hand-me-down-phone-guy. I get all these sweet phones because I don’t mind second-hand phones and these friends and family don’t want their old phone since it only takes pictures, has WiFi and Bluetooth, Will use virtually ANYTHING as a ringtone, has tons of organizational features like calendars, … Continue reading