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A Thank You.

Thank you to our church family for praying for us over the past few days. We’re so excited to be home and know that Jonathan doesn’t have any infection anymore. Since we were in the NICU, we couldn’t really have visitors while in the hospital. So for those of you who missed out on visiting … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

We brought in the New Year with a bunch of friends. It was an awesome time. We laughed a lot. It seems the older I get, the faster I want to go home after the clock strikes 12. I am happy to report that I did not fall asleep before midnight this year.


Tonight I was able to pray over a friend who is leaving Louisville for Chicago to take a position at a church. His position: elder. He’s 23. He may be one of the younger people in the group, but his words hold such weight. When he speaks up, you know it’s going to be good. He’s … Continue reading

The Sombrero

Last night we went to El Tarasco, a great mexican place, for Jeremy’s birthday. It was a surprise to him, but since he doesn’t like surprises, his fiance Lauren told him about it before they got in the car. Jeremy isn’t a fan of surprises or being put on the spot. So when he saw … Continue reading

Clifty Falls

Two weeks ago we went hiking in Clifty Falls with our friends Jeremy & Lauren. It was a blast. We started on one of the trails that goes from the bottom of the park all the way up the river bed to the main falls: Clifty Falls. The weather could not have been better. It was … Continue reading

Valum anyone?

I took my friend Emil to the Hospital a while ago to get an MRI. They prescribed him some Valum to relax. I asked if he would share. He said no. But, after 20 mg, he was good to go. And happy. I should add that after 5 mg, people usually get really loopy. That’s … Continue reading

Social Media

My friend, Aaron Marshall, just did a presentation at Southern Seminary about the use of social media. Of course, it was tailored to ministry because it was at Seminary, but the idea definitely spans across all walks of life.  The biggest thing I took from what he said is it is not about self-promoting, but … Continue reading

Halloween Party!

We had our Third Annual Gossett Halloween Party tonight. It was probably our most ambitious Halloween party yet. The guests this year really stepped up the costumes and went out all out on the carvings.  Here are this year’s winners as well: Pete Mosher won the costume contest. Brent & Jane Dunn won the Pumpkin … Continue reading

Little League

I went to a friend’s little league game tonight. It was a lot of fun. I’m not sure if I went because I can’t go to my nephew’s games because he lives 1,000 miles away, or if I went because I really do enjoy the Hofmeisters that much. Probably both. Since when did little league … Continue reading