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Grandma’s Waffles – Tasty Kitchen

This morning we made waffles from a recipe we found on the internet. It sounded like a really fluffy, wonderful recipe. We’ve cleared out our schedules, hoping to be busy in the Hospital with a newborn son, which has left us with next to nothing to do. Enter Googling Waffle Recipes. The best part about … Continue reading

French Toast

In our house, it’s hard to imagine a boring Saturday breakfast. This past Saturday, we had an awesome french toast breakfast. Stephanie found a recipe that uses left over baguette from last night’s dinner as the morning’s breakfast masterpiece. The baguette is cut and laid in a dish with the french toast goodness. Then, it’s … Continue reading

Orange juice

On a recent trip to visit Graham and Becky in Orlando, we made some fresh squeezed orange juice. I thought I would share a picture for you to be jealous of.

Grillin & Chillin

Tonight, I grilled some tuna steaks and sea scallops for dinner. It wasn’t a feat to grill amazing seafood, though that is awesome. It was special because it was 17 degrees outside when I was grilling. Yes, it was cold. No, I did not loose anything to frostbite. Thanks for asking. I’ve included some pictures … Continue reading

Cuban Coffee

We recently visited south Florida to see family over the holidays. While I was there, I had breakfast with a friend at the Empanada Factory, which I highly recommend. The food was amazing and the coffee addicting. Ever since that breakfast, I have been craving more cuban coffee. For those of you who haven’t had … Continue reading

A Fall Breakfast

On our recent trip to Jamaica, Steph read a book about eating local foods. Though the author took the philosophy a bit far, they had some really good points. The one I like the best is eating what is in season because it is the freshest and tastiest at its peak. This also creates seasonal … Continue reading

A farmers market breakfast.

We go to the local farmers market on Saturday mornings to get some of the best food around. Then we come home and have a breakfast fit for a king. This morning we has free-range rainbow eggs, thick sliced homemade toast, and snow St. Jerome cheese. It was so good!

Being one-upped

The last post was about the dinner I made for Steph after she got home. It was really good but not as picturesque as our normal meals. Truth be told, it probably wasn’t as healthy either. So, tonight Stephanie made a Greek salad that definitely one-upped my dinner. She wasn’t doing it out of a … Continue reading

Shrimp Alfredo and homemade Caesar Salad

We cooked some amazing shrimp on the grill and Stephanie made some awesome Alfredo sauce (from scratch, I might add) and then topped it with some basil chiffonade from our garden. It was amazing. We really do eat fabulous meals around here. Along with the pasta dish, we ate a delicious caesar salad with home-made … Continue reading

Mmmm… bread…

I love bread. Any form of bread. Toast. Dinner rolls. Sandwich bread. Even a plain piece of bread and some butter. It’s probably because Stephanie makes bread by hand every week. Yeah, that’s right… she MAKES bread every week. And we’re not talking using a machine. She makes it BY HAND! Because of this home-made … Continue reading

Feasting Outdoors

We LOVE to eat! Now that spring is in full force around here, we’re eating outside more and more. The cool air, green lawn and amazing dinners make this a memorable experience. Our most recent feast was London Broil with a red wine reduction pan sauce, French cut green beans, “Gossett House Salad” and a … Continue reading

Irish Dinner

Irish Dinner Yeah, we were inspired by The Irish Rover and made this amazing dinner. Yay for spring because we were able to eat outside. We started with an Irish Bread and butter. It’s a heaver consistency than normal bread and the butter is saltier. Then, we had grilled steaks with garlic butter topping and barley with … Continue reading