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Cracking up with Family

Cracking up with Family

My family is ridiculous. Not the embarrassing kind, though they can do that too. But they’re the hurt-in-your-side-because-you’re-laughing-so-hard kind of ridiculous. Exhibit A: We recently got together because my sister, who lives in Texas, came in to town. My mom takes every opportunity to take family pictures available, and for some reason we assumed this pose: To … Continue reading

Ella Grace’s Birth Story

If reading about giving birth weirds you out, you might want to skip this post. Since my son Jonathan was born 9 days late, I had been telling myself that Ella would be born late also, so that I wouldn’t go crazy if her due date came and went without her arrival. I was hoping … Continue reading

Parenting: Intentionality

My sister Emily and brother-in-law Chris live in Texas and have two of the cutest kids alive (not including Jonathan, of course). Emily was an elementary teacher and Chris is a pastor. They have a great blog where you can find posts all sorts of stuff about life, family, cooking, and other kinds of fun. … Continue reading

New Parenting Series

Since many of our friends have moved into the parent category, we’re starting a new section on this blog. It’s going to be geared toward parenting. NOTE: We’re not experts. Jonathan is only 3 months old at the time this post is being published. But we hope what we’ve learned in the short 3 months … Continue reading

Theoretical turned Actual

Last week at 3 AM in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), I found myself praying that God would be Glorified in the life of my newborn son, however short it may be. It was odd that I was praying for God’s glory more than Jonathan’s healing. But it showed me how God has worked … Continue reading

An Update on Jonathan

Today we moved into a room where Jonathan can stay with us. Praise God! Though we’re not home yet, it’s a huge improvement. The room is a little larger than our closet, but with all three of us in there at the same time, it’s just right. Jonathan gets to come out of the NICU … Continue reading

Lucy and Nolan

It’s Christmas with the Bucks this year. As a surprise, my brother-in-law Graham and his wife, Becky, joined us in Louisville. Nolan, their 10-month-old son, joined us. It was the first time I met him. We’re best friends now. Lucy has also been really happy to meet Nolan. They’re quite a couple. They do love … Continue reading

Backpacking in West Virginia: Day 0

We left Louisville right after church to head toward the Monongahela National Forest to meet Stephanie’s Dad for some backpacking.  Of course I had a few responsibilities to take care of before hitting the backcountry. It was pretty awesome to be able to do a bunch of work on my laptop while Stephanie started the … Continue reading

Orange juice

On a recent trip to visit Graham and Becky in Orlando, we made some fresh squeezed orange juice. I thought I would share a picture for you to be jealous of.

I win!

I have the cutest niece and nephew alive. Sorry to all of you who read this and were under the illusion that you have the cutest kids alive. Wait a minute, only two people read this blog. Sorry mom and dad… you do have the cutest kid alive. But if I was not included in … Continue reading

Summer Rain

Stephanie and I were talking two days ago and I was sad about the light puke color of the lawn. I had worked so hard to fertilize, seed, water and manicure our lawn. It is a source of pride for me. With the lack of rain and high temperatures in the past week, the grass … Continue reading