Wow… it’s been forever since I’ve po

Wow… it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything. Sorry to the three of you that read this blog. Updates are coming! To give you brief update: We’ve moved back to Florida and I am working at West Pines Church as the Connections Pastor, focusing on Community Groups and helping people connect to the church. We … Continue reading

Parenting: Intentionality

My sister Emily and brother-in-law Chris live in Texas and have two of the cutest kids alive (not including Jonathan, of course). Emily was an elementary teacher and Chris is a pastor. They have a great blog where you can find posts all sorts of stuff about life, family, cooking, and other kinds of fun. … Continue reading

New Parenting Series

Since many of our friends have moved into the parent category, we’re starting a new section on this blog. It’s going to be geared toward parenting. NOTE: We’re not experts. Jonathan is only 3 months old at the time this post is being published. But we hope what we’ve learned in the short 3 months … Continue reading

Print out your Reading Plan

In the past I’ve talked about Bible Reading Plans. These are really helpful ways to read through the Bible through the year. There are all sorts of plans that give you all sorts of options. But the most important part is that you are reading the Bible. The generous people at Crossway have made many … Continue reading

The ESV App

One of my favorite things about Crossway, publisher of the English Standard Version of the Bible, is how they make their products readily available for free. They recently published their ESV iPhone app. It’s awesome. Clean. Fast. Free. Did I mention free? They have also made the entire ESV bible available for free on their … Continue reading

Ezekiel Giles

I got to visit newborn Ezekiel today. He’s a cutie! Joe and Erica are proud parents. This pregnancy was hard on Erica and it was awesome to see Joe step up and serve his family for several months. I’m excited to see how great a dad Joe will be. He’s already logged more selfless hours … Continue reading


It snowed again. A lot. This is the 7th time this winter we’ve had enough snow to warrant treated roads, slowed travel, and even closing schools a few times. This is the most snow we’ve seen in Louisville. But here’s what make this year different: My jeep.

Theoretical turned Actual

Last week at 3 AM in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), I found myself praying that God would be Glorified in the life of my newborn son, however short it may be. It was odd that I was praying for God’s glory more than Jonathan’s healing. But it showed me how God has worked … Continue reading

A Thank You.

Thank you to our church family for praying for us over the past few days. We’re so excited to be home and know that Jonathan doesn’t have any infection anymore. Since we were in the NICU, we couldn’t really have visitors while in the hospital. So for those of you who missed out on visiting … Continue reading

We’re Home!

Today at 4PM we got to take Jonathan home. After talking with the doctor, getting our discharge paperwork, and a few last tests out of the way, we were off to bring our new baby home. We’re thrilled to have him home. Tonight, our church brought us dinner. Our Care Team is wonderful. Any time … Continue reading

Update: Day 3

On my way back to the room with breakfast this morning I passed our nurse, who was on her way home. She stopped to let me know that Jonathan’s CRP level is below 5! Praise God! Thank you to all of you who have been praying. There are two last hurdles we’ll have to get … Continue reading

An Update on Jonathan

Today we moved into a room where Jonathan can stay with us. Praise God! Though we’re not home yet, it’s a huge improvement. The room is a little larger than our closet, but with all three of us in there at the same time, it’s just right. Jonathan gets to come out of the NICU … Continue reading

Jonathan Daniel Gossett

Wednesday, January 20, 2010, Jonathan Daniel Gossett was born. He was 8 lbs, 2 oz and 18″. We are so overjoyed! How you can pray for us: Pray that Jonathan would grow up to be a man who honors God with his life. Pray that Jonathan would pass his NICU tests with flying colors, free … Continue reading

Grandma’s Waffles – Tasty Kitchen

This morning we made waffles from a recipe we found on the internet. It sounded like a really fluffy, wonderful recipe. We’ve cleared out our schedules, hoping to be busy in the Hospital with a newborn son, which has left us with next to nothing to do. Enter Googling Waffle Recipes. The best part about … Continue reading

The Hope of Righteousness

5 For through the Spirit, by faith, we ourselves eagerly wait for the hope of righteousness. 6 For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision counts for anything, but only faith working through love. via Passage: galatians 5 5-6 ESV Bible Online. We eagerly wait for the hope of righteousness. The HOPE of righteousness. That’s not a … Continue reading

Asking the right questions

This past Sunday our church started a new series on God & Money. Dustin Neeley, the lead pastor, preached a sermon titled “Basic Instructions” that you can watch here. This may be of interest to you because I make a cameo in the end.