After 30 years…

The other day I met a friend for lunch. We talked about all sorts of things. He shard a few stories about his minor league baseball career I hadn’t heard before. We talked about some home improvement projects I’m working on. And he told me about his recent vacation to celebrate his 30th wedding anniversary.

I was surprised and impressed. 30 years is a long time.

Celebrating their 30th anniversary is definitely something to applaud.

While eating, I asked a lot of questions about their relationship. Stephanie and I have spent some time with them and really like how much they laugh together. They still really enjoy each other. You can tell that they truly love and enjoy each other. And after 30 years of marriage, that’s pretty awesome.

So I asked him, “In the past 30 years, what has been the biggest joy in your marriage?”

He thought for a moment.

Then, in the humble way he has about him, he said, “I’ve always had a passion for God, but when we got married, I didn’t know if she did. But the biggest joy has been seeing her grow spiritually and now she is teaching me things and growing my passion for God.”


They have been through a lot together. Raised 2 children. Gone through different jobs, careers, homes, and lived in different places.

But the biggest joy for him was seeing his wife grow spiritually in their marriage.

Men like this friend encourage me to be a greater husband to Stephanie, a more fervent spiritual leader in my home, and a more humble servant of Jesus as I am reminded I can’t do any of this without Jesus.

I’m thankful for his friendship.

I’m thankful for what Jesus has done in their marriage.

I’m thankful that Jesus can do the same in my marriage.


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