Cracking up with Family

My family is ridiculous. Not the embarrassing kind, though they can do that too. But they’re the hurt-in-your-side-because-you’re-laughing-so-hard kind of ridiculous.

Exhibit A:

We recently got together because my sister, who lives in Texas, came in to town. My mom takes every opportunity to take family pictures available, and for some reason we assumed this pose:

The Gossett Kids

To make matters worse, my sister’s husband, Chris,  started making comments that were absolutely hilarious off to the side, so we’re all laughing hysterically while trying to not drop my sister.

These are the people I grew up with… I know.

But I am blessed to have such a great family. And God answered our prayers. After we found out Stephanie was pregnant with Jonathan, we started praying that God would somehow allow us to live close to family so he could grow up with his aunts, uncles and cousins. A year later, I was offered a job in South Florida, where the majority of my family lives.

Now we’re just scheming how to get Stephanie’s family down here…


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