Can we still be friends?

Google Apps, I love your cool styling and ease of use. You’re so cool and help me connect so well. Your Web 2.0 interface helps me communicate in context as messages are grouped into conversations and I can reply by chat right there in the same page.

I love the way you use Google’s search parameters and let me search all of my email in one place. I love the way you let me control several email addresses in one slick inbox and respond from the same address the message was received through. And your recent priority inbox features were a huge help.

But I can’t go on. The internet connection at the office isn’t stable enough. Many times I’m waiting to continue or to read that message you have previewed for me, only to watch my connection slowly open the page.

So, Google Apps, I have to make a compromise. Please understand that it’s not you, it’s the internet. The connection at the office isn’t that stable and I need to be able to email and calendar without the intermittent delays and “You are not connected to the Internet” error messages.

So I’m switching. For productivity’s sake. I’m moving back to my Mac Apps. I know, I know. They’re local. They won’t sync will all of your special features. But I must. For the sake of my productivity, I must switch.

I will miss you. If you ever come up with an offline solution – give me a call. Until then, I’m limited by my connection.

I hope we can still be friends…

– Dan


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