Saturday Morning Routine: Operation PANCAKE

So I’m adjusting to our new pace of life in South Florida. Not only is it different than Kentucky because of the culture, it’s also REALLY different because Jonathan is growing up and creating new kinds of challenges – like being extra grumpy while teething. But it’s been a fun ride. We’re really feeling settled and very happy to be here.

One thing we’re trying to setup is regular family time. Time that we spend doing fun things together. We want it to be regular, intentional, and focused on spending time together. My favorite one so far: Saturday morning breakfast. We call it OPERATION PANCAKE.

I’m honing my skills as an Extreme Pancake Master Chef. Ok, the title’s a little crazy, but so am I. I normally go with a secret pancake recipe I can’t share with you, codename:BISQUICK. I’ve been adding different things, like blueberries (the secret is to let them thaw first, otherwise they keep the batter too cool, i.e. uncooked) and chocolate chips (I know, I know, but they taste so good).

Today I tried something completely new: Swedish Pancakes. They taste more like Crapes because they’re largely egg-based instead of flour based. They’re good, but you can’t eat as many. I think I’ll stick to the fluffy ones for a while.

I’m also working on my table-side manner. Specifically, I’m working on my Mickey Mouse Pancake. I’ve had some good test runs so far. Once Jonathan is eating his own pancakes, I hope to have perfected this maneuver and will make not only Mickey Mouse, but pancakes that look like Goofy, Donald Duck, Big Bird, Apollo 1, and Ross Perot.

How do you plan on making time with your family special? What kinds of traditions did you enjoy?


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