We’re Home!

Today at 4PM we got to take Jonathan home. After talking with the doctor, getting our discharge paperwork, and a few last tests out of the way, we were off to bring our new baby home.

We’re thrilled to have him home. Tonight, our church brought us dinner. Our Care Team is wonderful. Any time a big event happens in someone’s life, the Care Team steps in and starts helping out. For the birth of a child, they usually provide 2 weeks of dinners starting as soon as you get home. For one couple in our church, they’re providing a meal a day for the rest of their pregnancy because the mom is on bed rest. It’s such an awesome picture of how we as Christians should love one another. It’s also an awesome support system to be a part of.

Lucy was SUPER excited to see us. She hasn’t seen us for 3 days and was so thankful we were home. In her excitement, she welcomed Jonathan with a big lick that covered his entire face. I think he liked it.

She’s getting used to the idea of having a baby in the house. I think she’ll be an excellent best friend for Jonathan.

We’re going to stay home for the next week to recoup.


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