An Update on Jonathan

Today we moved into a room where Jonathan can stay with us. Praise God!

Though we’re not home yet, it’s a huge improvement. The room is a little larger than our closet, but with all three of us in there at the same time, it’s just right.

Jonathan gets to come out of the NICU and stay with us in this room. He still has to go back to the NICU nurses for his antibiotics, tests, and regular vitals. But other than that, he gets to stay with us, in our room! (like naps being wasted on the young, babysitting is wasted on us, the new parents)

With Jonathan in our own room, I was able to video chat with some family in Florida and spend the day relaxed with Jonathan napping on my chest.

Tonight, around 4 AM, they will run another batch of tests on Jonathan. If his CRP isn’t at 5 or below, we’ll be staying another night. If it is at 5 or below, we’ll talk with the doctor on duty about circumcision and see how quickly we can get home.

One last phenomenon to mention. Before Jonathan I had never changed a diaper. It’s not like I was avoiding the experience. I never really get offers to change diapers and I have never been in the situation where the child needed a diaper change and their parent wasn’t there to change it. So yesterday was my first diaper change. Since then, I’ve changed a few. I don’t get the hysteria that surrounds changing a diaper. It’s not like it’s hard or disgusting.

From what I’m told… that will change once he starts on baby food.

Here’s how to pray for us:

  • Pray that God would be glorified in Jonathan’s life.
  • Pray that he would grow up to be a man who honors God with his life.
  • Pray that his CRP falls from 11 to 5 tonight, before the tests and we would be able to come home quickly.
  • Pray for Stephanie, that she can get some sleep on the pullout chair/bed we’re sleeping in tonight.

Lastly, here’s a picture from today. It’s still in the NICU, but we had so much fun sitting together. We talked about the Bible, Jesus, friendships, relationships, how much I love Stephanie, politics, foreign oil, how the internet works, and life in general. He’s a great listener.

I’ve also included a video. Sorry for the 3 minutes of his face and little movement, but that’s what happens with 2-day-old babies…


6 thoughts on “An Update on Jonathan

    • Ha, only family can love a 3 minute video of a baby face doing next to nothing. But for that family, it’s a precious video you’ll look over and over again.

  1. Awesome video Dan!!!
    Congrats on little Jonathan (by the way I love his name!!!). I know that being in the NICU/stuck at the hospital is not ideal, but God is good and that time will be a distant memory in the near future. I know it is for me and Sarah regarding Karis’ NICU stay.

    BTW… diapers aren’t stinky for the first few months… then they start to smell with baby food, but once the baby starts eating big people food diapers smell like a desolate wasteland.

    • Jonny- thanks for the encouragement. Yeah, the NICU wasn’t our plan but we’re so thankful for God’s grace to us in the form of Doctors and medicine. We’ll be home soon enough and this will be a distant memory.

  2. Dan,

    You are going to be such a great Daddy!! He’s precious and we are so happy he’s improving. I’m sorry I couldn’t visit yesterday with David! David said he’s a cutie! I can’t wait to officially meet him 🙂

    • Elizabeth- thanks! I hope I’m a good dad. I’m definitely REALLY excited about being one.

      We missed you yesterday but thank you for your discression. He’ll be around for the next 18 years, so you can get to know him some time in there ;). As soon as you start feeling better, you’re going to have to come over and visit.

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