It’s the little things

We love our house. I moved in during the Spring of 2005. We got married and Stephanie moved up that October. Since then, it’s been our home. It’s decorated the way we like it. We have enjoyed having friends over and throwing parties. Stephanie and I both have a passion for hospitality. We love making people feel comfortable and at home with us. It brings us joy to have people in our home.

We’re very thankful that God has blessed us with this home.

Growing up, my parents encouraged us (all 4 children) to always invite friends over. It was important to our family that we kept the house clean so at the drop of a hat we could invite friends over and not have to worry about cleaning up first. So there were always groups of kids hanging out at my parents’ house. It was a beautiful thing.

We have the same philosophy in our home today. We always try to keep it clean so at the drop of a hat, we could invite over anyone and not worry about the cleanliness of our home. And let’s be honest, no one likes going over to someone else’s house when it’s messy. Especially if you’re a neat-freak yourself.

One of the only limitations we’ve found in our home is the size. It’s more than enough for just Stephanie and myself, but we always want to invite friends over. Our living room can only hold so many. Rather than accepting that fact, we set out to see if we can change it.

We tackled our living room to see if we could fit more people in it. Here’s a before picture:


Truth be told, I stayed up late one night after Stephanie went to bed and moved this furniture around until I landed on this arrangement. The main thing that frustrated me before this was that the couches were in an “L” shape and both facing the TV. I wanted to be able to face friends when they come over, not my own TV. We really don’t watch that much TV, so I didn’t want it to be the focal point of the room either.

But with this arrangement, once we move in extra chairs, it maxes out at 10 people. The space fills up quickly.

So, Stephanie helped me out and we mixed it up, moved it around and came up with this:


Voila. Now, we can fit 2 more people!  We can still only seat 12, but that’s a lot better than 10. That means 2 more people can be invited to the party.

What about the TV? It still works over there. Just the other night we watched the Sugar Bowl and it was just fine. When we invite people over, we actually talk or play games instead of watch a movie. I’m not against movies, I would just rather hear what you have to say than sit next to you and watch a movie.

This project costs us $0. We had to get creative and try out different arrangements. Often we didn’t think it would look good before we put the furniture there, but after trying it out, we actually liked it. Sometimes you just have to try it out.


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