More Cuban Coffee

Yesterday I posted about going to the Empanada Factory, one of my favorite breakfast places in South Florida.

A good friend of mine, Philip Wilson, just moved to South Florida. He has the luxury of having Cuban Coffee and deep-fried empanadas all the time. Though, I don’t know that you can eat more than two empanadas like that in any given 6 months and live.

When we were down for Thanksgiving, we met up with Philip, his family, and Matt Peavyhouse, a former Crossing Elder who is planting a church in Hollywood, Florida.

Of course, being South Florida and all three of us are big coffee fans, we had to meet for some Cuban Coffee. We had brunch at the Latin American Cafe.

I’m really excited for Philip, his wife Elizabeth, and their daughter Mackenzie. Philip is the student ministries pastor at West Pines Community Church. They’re an awesome couple who are a LOT of fun to spend time with.

If you’re in the Pembroke Pines area, you should look them up.


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