The Empanada Factory

This place is awesome. Every time I’m in Hollywood, Florida, I try to swing by at least once for breakfast.

For those of you who have never had one, let me explain what these Empanadas are like. It’s a corn pastry that is similar to a pita. You put the ingredients in the middle (my favorite is the Guava and Cheese) and then fold if over and seal the other side by pinching it together. At this point, it’s similar to a calzone. The, you deep fry it. Yep. Fried. Amazing. The guava and cheese melt together creating a fantastic, euphorically yummy concoction.

Always, always, always enjoy an empanada with Cuban coffee.

What? You’ve never had Cuban coffee? Ok, it’s really strong, like a shot of espresso. Then you whip some sugar with just a little bit of coffee to create a frothy, sweet topping. Pour the coffee into the whipped sugar and voila: you’ve got Cuban Coffee.

WARNING: the caffeine content of Cuban coffee is much higher than regular drip coffee like you can get at Starbucks or other coffee shops. Drink in smaller proportions and do not operate heavy machinery after consuming.

Last time I was down (Thanksgiving) I was able to enjoy this pictured breakfast with my brother, Tim. It was great.

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