When is God enough?

Last January I found out that a good friend of mine had a brain tumor. It was a very difficult time. To make matters worse, he found out as he stepped off the plane to take care of his father, who recently learned that he had cancer.

Sometimes things are tough. And you never know how you would handle it until you’re in that situation. I pray that my response would honor God and glorify His Name.

Here’s a video from a pastor in our network. On Thanksgiving day he had a seizure and found out that he had a tumor in his right frontal lobe that was pretty big. He recorded this video before he went into surgery.

Video from Matt | The Village Church : From Our Pastors.

Since the 5 hour surgery, he seems to be doing well. He has recognized people, had conversations, and has been taken out of the ICU. He even had the humor to tweet “Trying t prrrrintp a Dallas plasticbublet ehile sirtting ip tight is a lot hdtder than it doubds” after his surgery. His wife quickly informed us that he thought that was funny and has since been banned from his phone.

I pray that my response would honor God in the same way. Praise God for men like Matt.


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