Dad… Are you ready for the holidays?

No, this isn’t about my dad.

Here’s a great post about being a dad around the holidays. Read and be challenged.


2 thoughts on “Dad… Are you ready for the holidays?

  1. Dan, I really liked that Daddy Christmas Tips blog. Depending on family dynamics, it can be quite easy for mom to be the social planner, memory maker, and festivities coordinator for the family, especially during Christmas. But how special would it be if Dad made those things a priority, too? The kids would get the hint, really quickly, that Dad is into making special time for the family, too. Of course, its not the sugar cookies, the lights, or the decorating that is important, but the implicit message that making family memories is special and important.

    I’d like to encourage you to go ahead and begin your Dad stuff this year. Since you and Steph are already a family, add to your Christmas traditions by planning a few holiday surprises that can become traditions for Jonathan in the years to come.

    Lots of Love

  2. EM – Good point. Sometimes it’s so easy to focus on work and how a man’s primary role is to provide. The tendency there is to think, “If I’m providing the funds for us to do this, I’ve done my job. I’d just like to relax (i.e. zone out) when I get home. It’s been a long day.” But how horrible of us to zone out when we’re with our family and to give our all at work, which won’t remember us when we leave. Your job can always find another you. You family can’t.

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