Halloween Party 2009

We have a halloween party as a tradition in our Kentucky Home. It’s the 5th party this year, and it was awesome.

There weren’t as many people as there were last year, but let’s blame that on the economy.

Here’s Jeff and his wife Kristin. Jeff’s a professional photographer, among other things, so thanks to him for the outstanding photos on the blog recently.

Every year we have a pumpkin carving contest. This year, for lack of pumpkins, we didn’t actually do that part.

There WAS a costume contest. The winners are the type that go all out for everything. I do have to say, it was probably the best costume I’ve seen in a long time. They went all out… everything from the clothing to professional-style makeup. They think long and hard, then start on their costumes long in advance.

Here’s Clayton & Jes Rothwell, the winners of the 2009 Halloween Costume Contest.

We had fun. It was a great time with friends hanging out and having a party. One of the things I love about our church is that we LOVE to party! Because of all that we have been given in Christ, we have more reason to celebrate than anyone else. And you better believe that we do party!

Here’s a picture of me and Steph. Our costumes weren’t nearly as cool as Clayton & Jes, but we had just as much fun that night.


One thought on “Halloween Party 2009

  1. Ok, my guess is that your costumes were UF students at a Frat party??? Steph, love the tat and the cig and the coors hat. You guys are funny!

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