My kind of town… Chicago!

For an anniversary trip, we went to Chicago, IL. Growing up in Florida, we aren’t used to being able to quickly travel to other major cities in other states. From Hollywood, it takes at least 6 hours to get out of the state. So living in Louisville, within a few hours to Nashville, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Chicago, Cincinnati and so many other cities, we’re taking advantage of our location!

Thanks to Travelocity, we found a great rate at a swanky hotel off of Michigan Ave in the heart of downtown Chicago. It was a great trip! We had a lot of fun just walking up and down the streets of downtown and browsing in the stores and eating local food.

Highlights include: The Gangster Tour, the Original Pancake House, and Giordanos Pizza and a 7′ Lego Darth Vader!

Here are some pictures from our trip.

One thought on “CHICAGO!

  1. Dan!

    I loved Chicago while I was stationed there in the Navy. Great city for six months out of the year, too cold for the other six months. South Florida doesn’t have anything like it, that’s for sure. If you happen to go again, you have to order pizza at Gino’s East. I believe it’s on Clark Ave. Will ruin other pizza for the rest of your life. Life-changing experience. Seriously.

    Hope you and the family are doing great. Stop in to say hi next time you’re down.

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