Breakfast with Great Men

This morning I’m having breakfast with two great men; Mark Coleman and Craig Shuff. They’re on staff at my parent’s church in Davie, Florida. Mark is the pastor and Craig is the administrator.

At yesterday’s Baptist 21 panel discussion, we had a chance to catch up and talk for a few minutes before returning to the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). I really enjoyed our abbreviated conversation about the younger generation pulling out of the SBC and disengaging from the conversation as a whole.

There is so much to talk about and so much wisdom to learn from Pastors who are not constantly involved in the bureaucratic discussions that surround the convention. Mark, after working for Florida Power and Light, got his seminary degree and planted New Life Baptist Church in 1993. He has 15 years of experience with his church that I can learn from. They’re connected to real people doing real ministry in South Florida, where life is much more hectic and the pace is much faster than what we’re doing in Kentucky.

I barely know Craig but I am looking forward to knowing him more. He handles all of the administration at New Life and is a SBTS grad.

And as if this couldn’t be a better breakfast, we’re meeting at Blue Dog Cafe, one of my favorite Louisville places to eat. I hope to post a few pictures after we get to meet.

I anticipate we’ll talk more about our churches getting involved in the Cooperative Program (CP), how to educate the younger generations in enacting change in the SBC, and how to thank our churches for the good work they have partnered in by giving to the CP.

More than anything, I anticipate this being a beautiful meeting of two different style churches that want to partner to see the gospel advanced and Jesus given the glory. I don’t imagine we’ll ever serve together at the same local church, but we get to partner in bringing the Gospel to the world. That’s pretty awesome.

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