A Whole New Lawn

I’ve been struggling with my lawncare. I have enjoyed gardening with Stephanie, but for some reason, I’ve been drawn to the turf. We have a lawn service that cuts the lawns of our entire subdivision. I’ve very thankful that they cut all of my neighbor’s yards, because I don’t think the majority of them would care that much. 

Over the 4 years we’ve lived here, I’ve reseeded 2 times and over-seeded at the end of every season. I’ve also taken special precautionary measures to make sure I’m watering the lawn the right way. 

This year, I’ve taken the next step. I invested in a good lawn mower. The lawn service comes and cuts the lawn at regular intervals. They don’t, however, come all that often. Sometimes the lawn is overgrown and in need of some serious maintenance. We love having parties outside, so I really want more control over my own lawn. And because we have a thin, soft turf, I can cut it with a reel mower, which is much easier to maintain, use, and all-around better for the environment.

Two weeks ago, I was able to cut my own lawn for the first time. It was a proud moment. So proud, in fact, that I took a picture. 

My Fresh-cut Lawn

Then, to top that off, my friend had an extra weed wacker that he gave to me. So, I am able to take complete control of my yard and really make it look good. 

For those of you who are interested, I’ve got a mix of Tall Fescue, Kentucky 31, and Kentucky Blue Grass. If I were to do it all over again (which I won’t because it was a lot of work and I have a great lawn now), I would only use Scott’s Premium Turf, which is a Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue mix. Kentucky 31 is a broader blade that is more course. I really prefer the softer turf… it fills in better and is really nice to walk on with bare feet. Here’s a picture of the Premium turf:

Tall Fescue


It also does a great job of repairing spots. Here’s a place in our front that has always been bare and rocky. A few weeks ago I dug out the rocks and filled it in with my own patch kit of Scott’s Premium Turf, Scott’s Starter Fertilizer, and our own rich compost instead of potting soil. Here’s a good before and after for you:









 So there you have it. My whole new lawn… and lawn maintenance. 

As a side note, in the first 4 days I owned the mower, I used it on 3 different occasions. I really enjoy mowing the lawn! 


4 thoughts on “A Whole New Lawn

  1. I stumbled across your site and am glad I did. Great information! I used Pennington’s Tall Fescue and it has worked out great for my lawn. Tall Fescue was perfect for my lawn – I just wish I had taken some pictures like you did!

    • I enjoyed it, but that’s probably more because it was a riding mower and I wasn’t able to drive yet. But I did mow the lawn and the field behind our house regularly growing up.

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