Home screen

Sometimes, with new technology comes the ability to get more things done, more quickly. The only danger is that you become so obsessed with the speed of things that you don’t ever stop and unplug. It’s traffic to see a couple at a nice restaurant sitting silently as one or both of them use their smartphone to connect with people who are not there.

The flip side of the argument is that some new technologies allow us to communicate more quickly or work remotely so we can spend more time with others.

For me, The iPhone is one of those technologies that allows me to be more connected so I can spend more time talking with Steph and engaging with those around me. It also helps me organize and communicate with others so we can continue good conversations and meet face to face.

I use the email function of my iPhone at least twice a week to confirm meetings with friends to get a cup of coffee and talk about life. Without instant access to email, it would not be as beneficial.

Instead of blaming thetechnology, let’s focus on the user. It’s the user tar decides to ignore those around them and pay attention to the toy.

So, for productivity’s sake, here’s what is on my homescreen. What’s on yours?

Standard Apps:

  • SMS – for all my texting needs.
  • Calendar – I use this most frequently. EVERYTHING I do is in here. That way, I can usually schedule and reschedule on the fly. Quicktip: If you use iCal & the Calendar App together, you can add meeting agendas or talking points to the notes field of an event and it works well to keep your meeting on track. I only suggest this for more casual meetings. You can also use it to give yourself a list if you’re going out to do many errands…
  • Contacts – self explanatory. I currently have 627 entries. 
  • Notes – This is WAY helpful. I am really looking forward to the iPhone 3.0 software release, which will let you sync notes with Apple Mail. Even more useful!
  • Camera – of course. 
  • Weather – faster than any other weather app. I keep tabs on Louisville (where I am), Hollywood (my family), Philadelphia (in-laws), and Orlando (brother-in-law). It comes in handy to remember how nice the weather is down there and how cold it is up here.
  • Maps – every week I am amazed at how this has changed the way I meet with people, pick places to go, find closer routes, and find my way anywhere.
  • Clock – alarms, stopwatch, timer. Always helpful.

Additional Apps:

  • WordPress – to do this jazz on the go. Also, I can use it to approve/check comments. I have both my personal and work websites on here. Helps when there is a typo and I need to fix it quickly.
  • Facebook – why not?
  • TwitterFon – my favorite Twitter app. Keeps me in touch.
  • RTM – Remember The Milk. The best to-do application (both computer and iPhone) out there. And it’s web-based, so I’m always up to date.
  • Instapaper – lets me save websites that I want to read later. Currently, I have three books on there, two by A. W. Tozer. A bookmarklet in my browser lets archive a page for reading later. This app makes it text-only and lets me read in my spare time, and keeps my place. 
  • NetNewsWire – best RSS reader I could find for the iPhone. It syncs with a web-based reader and downloads the articles to my phone for off-line enjoyment.
  • Car Care – My favorite way to keep tabs on my car and Stephanie’s car. It alerts me when tires need to be rotated, oil changed, and lets me keep an eye on gas mileage. It also keeps a service record, get for cars that are business expenses!
  • TWC – The Weather Channel. I love the speed of the native weather app, but when I need an hourly forecast to decide if I should put the top down on the jeep or not, this one comes in real handy.

Across the Bottom:

  • Phone – of course.
  • Mail – keeps me connected to my work, personal and school email.
  • Safari – because it’s just so cool to read the NYT on an iPhone.
  • iPod – you can’t forget your roots. 8 Gigs isn’t a lot for a music collection, but you need your tunes!


TIP: to take a picture of your homescreen, press the power and home buttons at the same time, then release. The screenshot will be saved in your photo roll. 

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