The Sombrero

Last night we went to El Tarasco, a great mexican place, for Jeremy’s birthday. It was a surprise to him, but since he doesn’t like surprises, his fiance Lauren told him about it before they got in the car.

Jeremy isn’t a fan of surprises or being put on the spot. So when he saw the waiters putting together the birthday celebration package, he took the opportunity to go tell them that it was MY birthday instead of his. So, the waiters came out with a small dessert and a sombrero for me. They sang a little song and I got to wear the sombrero for the rest of our visit. It was actually a pretty nice sombrero.

So here’s some pictures for you. One of me wearing my “birthday” sombrero, and one of Jeremy, who finally put it on before we left.


One thought on “The Sombrero

  1. Feliz Cumpleanos mi hermano! jajajajaja.

    I guess its not bad if you can double dip on the birthdays…. 2 in one year!

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