Bored at the Office

Stephanie and I are currently doing the one-car dance while the jeep is in the shop. Today, I am spending about 13 hours at the office with Lucy. We’re not complaining… we’re getting lots of work done. However, we got a little stir crazy. It’s crazy cold (for Louisville) outside so we’re not playing fetch or anything beyond typical potty breaks. 

Lucy started asking about my computer and the pictures Stephanie and I took a while ago. We went to a big waterfall…


went flying around the world…


and then to my brother’s house for Christmas…

Christmas with Tim & Brittany


After a long discussion about how the camera worked and how we were put in the pictures using special magic, Lucy still didn’t understand. 

So we just took a regular picture together.

Lucy & Dan

I don’t know that she liked being held up for the camera. It got a little crazy after that.


But then, all thanks to the magic of Photo Booth, I lost my head.

Headless Dan


And that concludes our break. Now, back to work.


Lucy, you collate those and I’ll work on this.


2 thoughts on “Bored at the Office

  1. Ahh…..Lucy recognized in her doggy soul that office work is inhumane (incanine?) and a result of the Fall. She knows that you and she were created to romp through woodlands and retrieve tennis balls! Like all creation she awaits on tip toes (claws?) the revelation of the sons of God….and she is sure that each one will have a toy in his back pocket!

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