Cuban Coffee

My imitation Cuban coffee. Thanks Starbucks for the sweet demitasse cup.

My imitation Cuban coffee. Thanks Starbucks for the sweet demitasse cup.

We recently visited south Florida to see family over the holidays. While I was there, I had breakfast with a friend at the Empanada Factory, which I highly recommend. The food was amazing and the coffee addicting.

Ever since that breakfast, I have been craving more cuban coffee. For those of you who haven’t had cuban coffee, think of a shot of espresso, add a little bit of heaven, and there you go.

I recently found out that some family members are going to buy me a cuban coffee maker for my birthday. I can’t wait.

Stephanie makes fun of me because I have “too many toys for coffee.” You see, she doesn’t drink coffee. Truth be told, I have a regular drip machine, a french press, solo press, pour over and an espresso machine. They are all wonderful ways to make coffee and really do meet different needs. As my father-in-law says, “it’s the right tool for the right job.” And he would probably agree because he drinks a pot of coffee a day…

But, on to more important matters. Today, while packing up our Christmas decorations and putting them back in the attic, I craved some Cuban coffee to help me perk up. I searched online and found a way to get close. It’s not as good, but not that bad of an imitation.

As I do with almost everything I eat, I took a picture just to share with everyone. Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Cuban Coffee

  1. Tim, if I knew what espimita was, I would probably agree with you. Did you mean espinita? I can’t tell what that word means either. But Google suggested that instead.

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