Found dog

Sunday afternoon we took Lucy for a walk and found a dog running around in our yard by the time we got back. This cute little pooch had a hankercheif on but didn’t had any tags. We grabbed another leash from inside and took this dog for a walk to find it’s owners.

Though the dog was a little on the cute side, it was definitely not leashed trained. It whipped around and nipped at any and everything it could only pausing to pee on every bush we passed.

We had plans to go out Sunday night so we printed up some fliers and posted them all around our neighborhood and the neighboring streets. The dog got put in a crate in our front room. After all, it was only 45 degrees outside.

Three days later and two sleepless nights due to barking, whining, whimpering and all other forms of annoying dog noises, we haven’t heard a thing from our fliers.

In a last ditch effort for our marriage and sanity, we called animal control. All other shelters would charge you a fee to drop off the dog and the vet couldn’t find a microchip in the little hellyon.

So to update those who follow me on twitter (, ding dong the beast is gone.

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