I win!

I have the cutest niece and nephew alive. Sorry to all of you who read this and were under the illusion that you have the cutest kids alive.

Wait a minute, only two people read this blog. Sorry mom and dad… you do have the cutest kid alive. But if I was not included in the competition…


Check this out to see what I mean


3 thoughts on “I win!

  1. Hey Dan…more than 2 people read your blog!…my first visit to a blog…. ever…I found you through Emily’s page….
    interesing stuff here. Way to techie for me..but I enjoy the news, views and pics. 🙂

  2. Twitter news??? Do you still have the demon dog? Is it going to be a permanent adoption or will he be “movin’on?” Dad won’t go look at shih tzu puppies with me—-’cause he’s afraid we’ll bring another one home!!! Derbe is just so cute, he is good PR for his breed. Happy New Year to you two! We love you.

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