Backpacking in Cades Cove, Tennessee – Day 1

We left home at 5:30 AM and drove to Cades Cove. Our first trail was Abram’s Falls. We made the 3.x mile to the falls in 45 minutes. On the way we passed 7 other groups who were day hiking to the falls. It felt a bit silly to be the only ones with packs and hiking clothes. The falls haven’t changed much since I was here 5 years ago with Chris, minus the large tree that fell over the falls back then. I much prefer today’s visit, no offense to Chris. Stephanie’s theme song seems to be “Get Your Hike On… doo doo doo doo.”

From Backpacking in the Smokies – Day 1

We finished the other 7.x miles by 5 PM. It got really secluded once we left the falls. There was only 1 other group and they were on horseback. Our feet got really tired and the last 2.3 miles seemed to take forever. We could not ask for better weather. It was like we were hiking in the air conditioning. Awesome. It was probably 72 at the hottest part of the day. Shorts & t-shirt weather.

We saw our first bear! Around 5 PM, 100 yards from our campsite. It was an adult Black Bear. We called him Baba. (As in “Ba Ba black bear, have you any wool?”) As soon as he saw me he took off. Probably because I look so intimidating in hiking shorts with tall wool socks. Then, when we started to setup our tent, a pole broke. Some surgical tape and prayers fixed the problem.

Our new Trekker Chairs are just what the doctor ordered. Soft, padded places to our bottoms and back support. How did we survive without them when we went backpacking before? It’s a backpacker’s La-z-boy. They’re definitely worth the weight (ONLY 10 OZ!). Here I am, writing in my Field Notes and kicking back to enjoy the evening.

From Backpacking in the Smokies – Day 1

Dinner was great. Instead of having one of those freeze-dried dinners in a pouch, we had sauteed butternut squash and garlic with toasted pecans in a balsamic vinegar reduction over brown rice . Now that’s better than any other outdoors meal I’ve heard of. It was all fresh ingredients that Steph prepared yesterday.

From Backpacking in the Smokies – Day 1

Time to dry out our socks at the fire and then head to bed (at 8:30).

From Backpacking in the Smokies – Day 1

Today’s Stats:

  • 6 hours on the trail.
  • 10+ miles traveled.
  • Trails: Abram’s Falls -> Hatcher Mountain -> Beard Cane Mountain
  • Campsite #3

One thought on “Backpacking in Cades Cove, Tennessee – Day 1

  1. I hiked Abrams Falls! It was so beautiful. Cades Cove is one of my favorite places to visit! Glad you’ll got to experience it!

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