Jamaica Vacation: Day 3

The week begins. We have really enjoyed this vacation. It has been awesome.


Today marks the beginning of Steph’s classes. She teaches one before breakfast at 8:00, one before lunch at 11:00 (always in the pool), and a third before dinner at 5:00. Today, no one showed for any of the classes. We’re definitely getting the better end of this bargain. 


Our schedule hasn’t really changed any. Wake up, eat, lay at the beach, eat, kayak, lay at the pool, mid-afternoon nap, dinner, entertainment, sleep. The only difference in today’s schedule was that we brought along our camera on the kayak trip to take these great pictures:


Tonight’s entertainment was “Moses: The One-Man Band.” It was a guy and his guitar. It was really relaxing and unlike the previous bands that played. The open-air restaurant also had a Japanese-themed dinner, complete with decorations in the dining room. The service is amazing. All of the servers are very interested in helping, refilling your drink, offering you anything else you could imagine, and making sure all of the dirty plates leave your table as soon as you are done. I’m impressed.


Moses started off his “concert” tonight with a really chill, finger-picking version of “As The Deer.” It was beautiful. He played for a little over and hour and we just stayed at our table and soaked it all in. 


Of course, after that kind of relaxing entertainment, we were pretty much ready for bed. Our kayaking trip left us more exhausted than we thought it did.


Banana Hammock Count: 10. Wow… they mean business on the weekdays!


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