Jamaica Vacation: Day 2

After sleeping in, we walked over to the open-air restaurant and had breakfast. I had bacon, eggs, hash-browns, french toast, sausage, some kind of danish, orange juice and coffee. Steph had fresh fruit, yogurt and some french toast. Now that’s the kind of meal that is really worth getting out of bed.

Then we went back to the room and had our own little church service. We watched the last half of an Ed Young sermon from Fellowship Church, then read a portion from Nehemiah as well as the next section of Proverbs, where our home church was this morning.

Next we headed out to the beach. We spent some time floating on a raft and lounging on the shore. Then we got into sea kayaks and explored the bay where our resort is located. It was awesome. We paddled to one side to cruise over schools of guppies, coral beds and checked out the rocky cliffs that line the shore. As we paddled across the mouth of the bay we realized that there were mountains towering behind our resort in the distance.

Then we went to an island that was out of the bay. It was pretty cool. We pulled our kayaks on shore and waded out in the water for a little while.

After the 15 mile kayak tour of Negril’s bay area, we headed back to the pool for some relief from the sun.

There was a thunderstorm that rolled in this afternoon. It was a great reason to head back to the room for a nap.

The rest of the day has been filled with relaxation.

As for my aspirations… I’m completely relaxed. Check. I’ve read the first two out of four sections in the book.

Yeah, this vacation is DEFINITELY what we were looking for.

Banana Hammock Count: 3.

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