Summer Nights

It’s mid July and usually this time of year everyone is complaining about the heat. That’s completely understandable. Later on this week, the forecast high is 96. That’s not going to be a fun afternoon.

However, there is a benefit of living so far north (not that Louisville is north, but it is a lot farther north than Ft. Lauderdale). Last night we slept with out windows open because it was 65. Yeah, it was really nice. Especially since we’re having problems with our air conditioner. The condensation pipe is clogged. A friend from church is going to come over and help me out with that, but it make using it in the mean time kinda tricky.

I think that one really smart move I made that I did not know I was doing was to put not-carpet downstairs in our house. That way, we can open the windows in the morning and it gets really cool downstairs. We close the windows at about 10 when everyone is leaving the house and the downstairs stays pretty cool throughout the day. Upstairs gets a little warm but that’s expected. After all, it is summer.


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