Why I Love the Outdoors

My first trip and an amazing view.

My first trip and an amazing view.

This picture was taken three years ago when I took my first backpacking trip in Kentucky. A friend I made while waiting tables at Bravo!, Jarrett, was really interested in taking me backpacking. It was awesome. I was ill-equipped and definitely not ready for the trail. He was kind enough to be understanding and his positive attitude really made the trip a blast.

Ever since then, I’ve been hooked. I always wanted to go backpacking and “rough it.” And it was exactly what I expected. Amazing scenery. Hard trails. Being out of breath and tired but still having to climb up a mountain. The cool mornings. The cold creeks. The complete lost of personal hygene.

If you haven’t been… you need to go. The right equipment makes the trip a lot better but you can go with anything. My first trip I went with a jansport backpack from middle school, one nalgene, a couple of granola bars and a can of chili for dinner. I would highly recommend taking an extra shirt. Jarret was nice enough to share an extra shirt he had.

As a side note, Every time Stephanie and I have gone since then we haven’t come across this open of a lookout. However, we’ve come across MANY beautiful scenes.

I figured I would close with this picture of Jarret. He’s an amazing character.

My Friend Jarret

My Friend Jarret


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