Coffee Shops and Cuba

Fridays are my day off. It’s a beautiful thing. Most people have to work on Friday and get all excited about the weekend, which has already started for me. The down side is Sunday is a 10 hour work day, but that’s for another post.

This morning I’m in a local coffee shop which has become the local corporate “man.” I went there more for the location than the coffee. I’m hanging out while Stephanie has one personal training appointment and then we’re going to run around town together.

I love being able to sit down in a coffee shop and spend my time relaxing and doing personal things, like writing blog entries. Most of my day is consumed with work and tasks. Today, I’m pretty unplugged, even though my email follows me wherever I go…

I just read a newsletter about a church planting movement in Cuba. I’m reminded of my fondness for tropical places and my love for Cuban things. I think planting a church in Cuba would be difficult, but it would be exciting. I could see that as an option if God were to call us there.

Sitting here with my iced vanilla latte and air-conditioning, I wonder what it would be like in Cuba. I am sure my thoughts are tainted with movie scenes and romantic ideals. Much like how I drive a quirky 18 year-old car but don’t think it is as cool as Oceans 11 would have you believe. But I think I would genuinly love it.

Well, there is much more of the internet I must browse today and 8 more ounces of creamy espresso beverage waiting for me. Enjoy your Friday…


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