Being one-upped

The last post was about the dinner I made for Steph after she got home. It was really good but not as picturesque as our normal meals. Truth be told, it probably wasn’t as healthy either.

So, tonight Stephanie made a Greek salad that definitely one-upped my dinner. She wasn’t doing it out of a spirit of competition, she just likes to make amazing meals.

We had broiled cod with olive oil and pepper and then a HUGE Greek salad (complete with beets and potato salad). Not only did it taste better, it is more photogenic.

There was also one of my favorite things about summer… Tzatziki sauce. We had pitas to dip in this amazing sauce. I love having it in the summer because she makes it from our home-grown cucumbers. How can you not like it? It’s sweet, cool, delicious, and of course, good for you. It’s best on a pita with some grilled chicken … or better yet, grilled lamb!

3 thoughts on “Being one-upped

  1. I am really enjoying all the food commentary and great photos….like cookbook quality!! And to think that my son, who was the infamous “PICKY EATER” is now recommending things like lamb and cucumbers and cod…..go figure. I’m gald your sweety is home and you are an intact couple again. Hers was a mercy trip for several loved ones. Rest up!

  2. Stephanie, you inspire me! I just discovered your blog and am very much enjoying it! Keep posting! This is Elizabeth Yeiser by the way (since there are a few Elizabeth’s out there).

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