Home Alone

So this is the 12th day Stephanie has been gone. Last week my time was taken up with a summer course. This week, work. It’s amazing how much I’ve forgotten since we got married. I used to be very capable to keep my apartment clean and cook really good meals for myself. I’ve been so spoiled by Stephanie’s superior cooking and her ability to keep our house so clean (of course I pitch in, but she leads that charge) that I almost forget how to do certain things, like how to put together a full meal. I start off with grilled chicken, add some pasta and a good sauce, and I think, “That sounds good.” So I stop there and make that. Then, when I talk with Stephanie on the phone she asks, “what vegetables did you have with that?” The answer: “uh… sorry, I didn’t catch that… the signal is breaking up… the kitchen is on fire… i’ve got to go!” I completely forget how to round off a meal.

So, since I’ve had 11 1/2 days to think about this, I’ve compiled a top 10 list of things I miss about Stephanie. Enjoy.

  1. Her smile. Every day I get to come home to her smile. It’s a small thing, but something that really makes coming home something I look forward to.
  2. Her cooking. Every meal is amazing! (If you doubt that I am telling the truth, just check out the other posts) It’s way better than going to any restaurant… even when we have leftovers.
  3. Her ability to always keep me clean. Every day I wake up to a perfectly clean home. I’ve been cleaning while she is gone but it just isn’t the same. It doesn’t have that super-clean feeling.
  4. Her hospitality. I had our community group come over this Wednesday. Without Stephanie, the house wasn’t nearly as inviting as it usually is. It was clean and there was good coffee and ice cream but something was missing.
  5. Her red hair. No one else on the planet has hair as amazing as hers. It’s like 20 different shades of red. Movie stars pay $2,000,000 for styling like she has. And it’s completely natural. So beautiful! And she always changes the style. Some days it’s straight, others it’s curly… and she looks gorgeous.
  6. Her ability to really enjoy the simple things. When Stephanie is home it’s fun to sit downstairs and read together. When she’s gone, I forget what books are. I’m not a reader by nature and she loves to read classics like War and Peace and The Hunchback of Notre Dame for fun (no joke, she’s read those two in the past year). Not only do I not read like that, but I even have to use spell check to make sure they’re spelled right…
  7. She’s the party. When I’m at home without her, I want to go somewhere. When she’s home, I just want to stay right here. She is the life of the party. I miss that.
  8. Her friendship. She really is my best friend. We have so much fun together! And she even laughs at my stupid attempts at jokes. Ok, maybe it’s more of laughing at me than the jokes, but she does.
  9. Her effect on me. When she’s around, I want to work hard. I want to be disciplined. I try extra-hard at whatever I am doing. When she’s gone, I could care less… I just kind of mope around. It’s sad, I know.
  10. She’s HOT! Actually, she’s cold natured and the room temperature is always a compromise. But she is HOT! No one can compare! I miss that hot red-head wife of mine.

2 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. Ya gotta love a man who really loves his wife! I’m glad you are taking care of yourself….as best you can….and cheer up, she’s back soon. I’m sure she knows how lucky she is to have your love and devotion, and that you have expressed it so beautifully. I am grateful that you have a life partner who sets the bar a little higher for you and inspires you to be your best. Your FL fan club misses you, too.

  2. AANNNDDDD……I really love the new look of your blog! The photography is excellent and the whole thing looks very crisp and professionally done.
    By the way, Grandma J was very impressed with your video visit to our birthday party a few weeks ago and wants a rematch!
    Mary Hannah brought your name up yesterday, spontaneously. I thought you’d be flattered by that remembrance! We speak of you all the time.

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