How I got “fire-balled” in the face…

Last night I wanted to get dinner started before Dan got home and we were having something on the grill. So, I went outside to start the grill. Like normal, I turned on the gas first, then the the knobby-things and pushed the clicky red button. That didn’t work. It just clicked instead of igniting.

After trying that a couple of times I decided I needed to get the candle-lighter-wand-thingy. As I went inside for just one moment to get the aforementioned tool, I left the gas on, thinking that if it was the case of not having enough gas to ignite then it would accumulate with a closed lid and light more easily.

As I walked out the back door to the grill, it occured to me that this might go very wrong.

So I clicky-thingied the lighter and opened the grill. And WOOSSSHHH…

Then I got fireballed in the face.

(I wonder if this would be a good substitute to the “and then I found five dollars” punch-line?)

The first thing I did was to look down at myself to make sure I wasn’t still on fire. Check.

Second thing I did was feel my face and hair to make sure it was still there. Check.

Then, I noticed my arm hairs were a little curly and crispy. But that’s OK.

The grill was lit and no harm done. I guess it worked. And the grilled Mojo Pork was very good.

The End.


4 thoughts on “How I got “fire-balled” in the face…

  1. Oh my gosh! That is one of my biggest fears! That is why I am grill whimp and I even cringe when Chris lights it. Yes, a bit paranoid but most def. a scary situation of something goes wrong!
    I am glad the post didn’t end with something like… and next week I’ll have skin grafts!

  2. Yeeeaaahhh . . . Kinda knew what was coming with all the technical terms like knobby things and clicky red button. Hilarious! Glad you’re ok 😉

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