Summer Evenings.

The rain stopped mid afternoon just in time to dry up a little and the clouds blow away for a brief afternoon for fun before the sun set. The other great part about being so far north (to a Florida boy, this is north) is the late summer sunsets.

What a change of events. I’m the one playing and Stephanie is the one working.

Ok, so she’s not really working. She’s updating pictures on Facebook. But still, she’s the one on the computer while I’m playing with Lucy.

It was a fierce game of Fetch. We ended up tieing. I had 50 throws and she had 50 returns. She’s gotten really good.

One thought on “Summer Evenings.

  1. Hi Everyone! Check back tomorrow for a riveting post about moi and the grill you see behind me in the above picture. I promise it’s good.

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