What was he doing?

I was in the men’s locker room about to work out and I heard a strange noise. A blow dryer. I hear that noise often as my wife uses one to dry her hair after a shower, but it was a foreign noise to the men’s locker room.

When I walked around the corner I saw the man who was primping himself for work. He had a blow-dryer, hairspray and a large paddle-like brush. He had the hairspray and blow-dryer combo doing a number on the top of his head. If it wasn’t enough that this man had these items in a men’s locker room, get this… he was bald.

This poor man was either in denial or stuck in a routine that was so engrained in him that he did not notice that he no longer had any hair to primp. Instead, he had a very full and thick culdesac of hair. It went all the way around from temple to temple with Castanza-like grace. However, this man was primping this bald scalp on top.

I did feel sorry for him. But first I laughed pretty hard inside. Other than hairspraying and blow drying his scalp, he was a pretty nice guy. He tried to start a short conversation with me. I gave short answers and tried to get out of there as quickly as I could before I laughed at him.

Balding seems to be the new trend. It’s almost like the new cool haircut. However, if you are bald, embrace it. Confidence is better than denial. Confidence gets your followed. Denial gets you made fun of.

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