How can people not like dogs? They’re awesome! They go hiking with you. They go to the office with you. They get REALLY excited when you come home. And they never complain or say the wrong thing. They never complain when we go out and she has to stay at home all day with nothing to do.

This is Lucy, our dog.


3 thoughts on “Dogs

  1. she sure does. Usually on Monday when it’s just me in the office. She enjoys it. And it gives me a reason to take breaks and go outside.

  2. Two words: pet hair! I love dogs, and I love our dog, Bailey. But I do not love the dog hair that I have to sweep up. And I do not love the dog hair that gets on my kids clothes, the clothes of my guests, and most horribly… the couch (if she is a bad girl and jumps up there when we are away). I do love that she protects us and is gentle with the kids. But I can’t stand the hair!!! Chris can testify to that! I mumble it quite often as i am vacuuming.

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