The Red River Gorge

We went backpacking this weekend in the Gorge. I’ve recently learned that the proper nickname for the Gorge is “Red.”

I think my favorite part of Red is it’s proximity to our house. In 90 minutes I can be there. It takes less than a tank of gas to get there and back. And while I’m there, I can spend as much or as little time as I want on the trails. We hiked all day and didn’t run into another person. It was awesome.

This first picture is our campsite. It was pretty sweet. Tons of room and the level-est place we’ve been to yet. And what’s even better is this was the view from the other side:

It was awesome. We were right on the river.

The sad part is when it was almost dark, two other campers setup between us and the river. When I came out of my tent (we were in the middle of a serious game of card) the guy apologized and said it was too late for him to find another site. I really wanted to let him know that there were a bunch more about 50 yards down the trail. But, I wasn’t that annoyed because we couldn’t see them from our tent.

Then it got dark. Apparently our new neighbor was looking for someone named “Joey.” At least, that’s what he was yelling for about 15 minutes. I almost threw a nice big rock at their tent. But every time I got up, he stopped yelling long enough for me to get back in my sleeping bag. Then he started again.

Other than that, the trip was amazing!


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