Mountain Biking

I’ve recently become a big fan of mountain biking. I bought a mountain bike in college and rode it my last two years there. Then, I moved to Louisville and only got to ride it two times in three years. The problem was I didn’t have anyone else to ride with and I didn’t know where to go.

I bought Stephanie a bike a few weeks ago. I’ve been mountain biking every week since then. This picture was taken at Tom Sawyer Park which is pretty close to my office. The trails aren’t as technical or “hard core,” but they’re way better than the trails I experienced in Florida.

In the past I’ve talked about Wheelin. I would love to get into wheelin, but I can’t afford it. There’s so much to purchase and you can easily break your rig and then have to make expensive repairs. Not to mention my jeep gets 11 mpg. Mountain biking is definitely a good alternative. It doesn’t cost anything to go (except the gas to drive 15 minutes to a park) and your entire rig is less expensive than one weekend wheelin. Sure, you can blow money on any hobby, but I’d not.


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