Nothing to do… and LOVING it!

Today was my first official day of realizing I am not currently in school. No tests to study for, no papers to proofread one last time. Just relaxation.

I did use my day to do several productive things. I met with a friend at 6:30 at Quills and had an amazing Caramel Latte. The latte art there never ceases to amaze me. Then, after spending some time talking, I returned home to work on my bike (yeah, mountain biking is our new “thing.” It’s a lot of fun and lets me tinker without being expensive). I also replaced the track on our laundry room closet. The original one was a piece of junk and this new one makes the doors glide beautifully.

The best part of the day, I caught up on 9 episodes of LOST. Stephanie doesn’t like the show because it’s “too scary,” so I’m left watching it by myself. That’s ok with me.

I’m trying to live up the days of no school work and a part time job. There are things I could be doing, but I don’t have to do them today. So, I relaxed.

It was a good day.


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