Little League

I went to a friend’s little league game tonight. It was a lot of fun.

I’m not sure if I went because I can’t go to my nephew’s games because he lives 1,000 miles away, or if I went because I really do enjoy the Hofmeisters that much. Probably both.

Since when did little league teams sport College names instead of pro names?

It was pretty funny to see Aden and Malachi outside of church. They both looked at me as I walked up and sat down. I said hi to them and they answered like I was some stranger they almost recognized. Then, after a little while and one conversation with their mom, they recognized me and Aden was really excited to go tell Malachi “Uncle Dan” was there.

It’s nice to be the reason someone else is excited. Not because you did something, just because you showed up.

I can’t wait to have kids…

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